Updated! PLDT MyDSL Speed Increase for 2013? Confirmed, see post below

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Update: Here’s how you can check for your Internet speed.

A couple of days back, my PLDT DSL modem suddenly won’t get the DSL light steady, which simply means that my connection is down. ย I called 171 and got a support ticket for the issue.

The next day, I checked the DSL modem light back up and sure enough, the connection is back. ย I thought it was probably a maintenance thing in my area. Just like any geek would do after a restored Internet connection, I immediately did a speed test and lo and behold, my download speed was up from 5Mbps to around 6Mbps. ย Upload speed was from 0.7Mbps to 0.9Mbps!

My neighbor had her 1.5Mbps increased to 2.5Mbps as well!

Anyone experiencing this sudden speed bump? I heard that PLDT will be having a 60 day speed boost for new subscribers, but i’m not a new sub. I just hope this is a permanent speed upgrade.

I’m at Plan 3000, but i’m getting 6Mbps, far from 10Mbps speed boost advertised below. So you can make your own conclusion, but I guess I just have to enjoy the speed boost as long it last! ๐Ÿ™‚


Updated: July 7, 2013

2 days ago, I got an email from PLDT(see new speed plans below) which confirms the speed upgrade. I should be getting 8Mbps now but it seems im capped to 6Mbps at the moment. I won’t call them yet and wait a few weeks until its formally announced.

Way to go PLDT! Continue to innovate and bring the power of Internet to the masses. ๐Ÿ™‚


Updated: September 3, 2013

I’m now getting 9.1 to 9.9Mbps from Speedtest.net. After a few quirks from the old modem i’ve been using for ages, they replaced it with a new one and I have stable connections that would hold for several weeks. If you have disconnection issues and have the old Zyxel modem, ask the technician for a modem replacement.

Modem profile:





Speed tests:






downloadmanger centos

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    • XD

      Bad3p lang at may issue pa sa lugar ko. Grabe ung disconnection. sa isang araw 10 times ata a ko ma DC at fluctuating ang download speed ko. Di ako makapag surf nang tama. Minsan hindi maka connect sa fb or google.
      Di rin makapaglaro nang tama sa Battlefield 3 servers. sana maayos to in known time.

  1. rtp

    my plan 990 was upgraded to plan 1299 with free wifi router but unfortunately my speed is still under 60kps. i thought it would increase my speed as they say on the advertisment but unfortunately its bogus and very depressing.

    • Vince

      Create an account at speedtest.net for the purpose of saving past results. This is useful to prove your speed to PLDT support. File a support call to 171. Get your case ID and religiously follow up. 60kbps is dial up speed. You need to be at least at 80% of advertised speed. Escalate to a supervisor when you don’t receive action within a week. In my experience, techs visit 2-3 days after a call, but this depends on the availability of contractors in your area.

      At that speed, I think it is a signaling issue, PLDT DSL is awesome when you have good DSL signals; 5Mbps is 5Mbps on the dot. The farther your location is the weakest your signal is, so your throughput degrades because of noise.

      Good luck and hope you have better speed.

  2. Jason

    I called PLDT and they said that the company has committed to upgrading all subscribers to new speeds by the end of August 2013. Not long to wait!!!


    I ended up here your article after searching “pldt internet speed increase” in Google after a few checks on speedtest and can’t believe what I am seeing. ๐Ÿ™‚ . I’ve been a PLDT subscriber since 2009 and just today I observe I am getting 3Mbps+ DL speed. Subscription is Php 1250 per month including phone. Indeed, way to go PLDT. Good job.

  4. Justin

    totoo ba yung mga speed dati ma upgrade din? example for plan 990 na 384kbps maging 500+ kbps as well as other pldt mydsl plans

    • Vince

      Yup, for bundled plans:
      Plan 990: should be upgraded to 512kbps
      Plan 1299: should be upgraded to 2Mbps
      Some users were upgraded automatically, if you’re not getting these speeds, call 172 and demand an upgrade.

      • Justin

        is the upgrade done in cebu city? before i reached the max for 990 plan which is 384kbps but now it is only 30-60kbps which is kinda depressing, my mom always advance the payment for the bill but still i’m a victim of a crappy service

        • Vince

          Not sure about Cebu. In Manila, di pa complete ang upgrade, marami pa ring di upgraded as far as I now.
          30-60Kbps? that’s like dial up speed. Why don’t you call PLDT and have your line checked. Baka grounded na yung line mo.

          • Justin

            oo nga pre eh pero hindi ko po alam paano ko ang approach ko sa kanila if tumawag na ako…paano po ba? btw year 2009 or 2010 ako nagsubcribed pero sa pangalan ni mama ang ginagamit…paminsan minsan nakakatikim ako ng 300+ kbps mga once or twice every month

  5. Ronji Go

    is this speed increase are advertised? just stumbled upon on this site. wahhh chineck ko yung speed ko ngayon lang pero ganun parin. free lang ba to with no hidden charges?

    • Vince

      It’s a free upgrade. I first noticed it last June, when intermittently my speed reaches 6Mbps(I blogged it here). I’m maxing at 9.8Mbps for the past 3 months. I’m an old subscriber by the way.

      It’s already on the PLDT DSL website. Call 172(you may need to call multiple times, depending on the how the CSR knows about the upgrade)

  6. Ace

    So all I have to do to avail the free upgrade is call 172 and demand for it? I have the plan 999 I guess (new subscriber) with a promise of 1mbps. As far as I understand above. My plan should be upgraded to 3mbps for FREE? right? Please enlighten me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought I would be more contented switching from broadband to DSL but I’m not experiencing that much change. But I am very sure that if it will be upgraded to 3mbps I’m gonna roll like a boss. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Vince

      Hi Ace, for some its an automatic upgrade, for others they have to call PLDT to get it. Demand 3Mbps from 172, you should have 3Mbps specially that youre a new sub. You may have to call them multiple times though(depends on how competent the CSR).

  7. mhackerz

    just called PLDT today oct 02, 2013, and planning to upgrade my dsl from 1mbps to 3mbps , they said that they are having an speed boost in their current plan — plan 1299 will be up to 2mbps from 1mbps — i was like WOW ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    speed boost will be effective at the end of OCt batch by batch

    • Vince

      Check the PLDT Fibr plans. Though upload seems to vary among users, but generally you’ll have better uploads compared to the regular ADSL plans.

  8. Jhifla

    Stumbled upon this blog…. Why am I still getting 3mbps? This is bull, total bs#%*! I envy you guys if you are experiencing faster speeds…

  9. mark

    I have the 1250 Bundle 1mbps + tel.

    PLDT was calling me that if I want to add P300 to get 3mbps…
    Pero I thought the upgrade was free…

    Please enlighten me

    • Vince

      Hi Mark,
      New subscribers of Plan 1299 is advertised to get 2Mbps(from their print ads and online application page). I think, eventually, all Plan 1299 subscribers will get 2Mbps, but they’re still gradually rolling out the upgrade.
      If you can afford the additional Php 300, then i think it’s a good deal. You get 3x the speed and you won’t have to wait. If you can’t afford it, I’ll recommend calling them everyday until they adjust your modem profile to 2Mbps. ๐Ÿ™‚
      However, take note that not all subscribers get the max speed. It depends on your distance from the DSLAM and the quality of the infrastructure in your locale.

      • mark

        Thanks for the prompt answer. May I ask how you demand an upgrade for free ๐Ÿ˜‰ Any source where I can cite so I can tell them to upgrade to 2mpbs..

        I am not a new subscriber.. old subscriber of 1250

        • Vince

          Here’s an argument – new subscribers get 2Mbps, why can’t you when you’re already a subscriber for the past years? I know they want to get new subscribers so they offer these deals but there’s also a risk of losing existing ones, just like in your case.

          You have to talk to the right CSR, so keep trying until you get what you want. This is just a matter of changing your speed profile to 2Mbps so if you’re lucky you’ll get the upgrade in a day or two, without any visit from techs.

  10. Kenneth

    im originally plan 990 and applied for their plan 1290 which you will add 300 pesos with a free router-modem. What speed should I originally receive from this plan? 1mbps or 2mbps?

    • Vince

      Kenneth, when did you upgrade? If its fairly recent, you should get 2Mbps. Call them up and demand an upgrade. If you upgraded a long time ago, see my reply to Mark.

  11. Justin

    I have a dsl connection for almost 4 years and my modem is still working and not disconnecting but i have a speed issues i would like to ask is modem replacement is suitable in my case?

  12. Ronald

    Sir. Plan ko na tumawag sa 172. 1299/month din kami. Sorry kung natanong na to pero baket sa website ng pldt up to 1mbps padin ang nakalagay? Palink naman yung about sa upgrade ng pldt from 1mbps to 2mbps. Thank you sir.

  13. Kelvin

    I just called PLDT, sabi ng CSR nila, ongoing daw yung upgrade ng speed, tapos mga iba trial sa area location, kasi if ever 1 out of 20 in a certain area na di kinaya yung speed ng 3mbps, stop raw muna lahat, as in damay damay tlaga lahat, kaya magiging 100% lang na magiging 3mbps lahat if kaya na ng line i-accomodate lahat ng subscribers to have 3mpbs all at the same time.. kaya… sana kayanin sa area namin sa QC!!!!!

    • Kelvin

      kakainggit ka naman, atleast more than 3 months mo ng ginagamit yung upgrade, hay samin 1 week ng sira yung phone tapos wala pang upgrade, kaya everyday ako followup para lang maayos yung phone then maupgrade narin yung net ko tsk tsk…

      • Vince

        Meron talagang area na sablay ang contractors. I’ve experienced that when I was on Globe DSL.
        Pag ok yung tech contractors sa area mo, kahit same day pwede ka puntahan. Fortunately, ok yung sa lugar namin, when I call in the morning(around 8am), they’re already in the house shortly after lunch. Kaya I always offer merienda hehe.

  14. Vince

    Hello! I was looking at the PLDT website to check for their internet services. Right now, I’m a Sky Cable/Destiny Cable internet subscriber, but I’m not satisfied with their services (1.5 mbps), I was wondering if PLDT’s Plan 999 (3 mbps) is worth it and if the speed increase also applies to new subscribers.

    • Vince

      PLDT has the best package as of late and it’s competition have nothing to offer to compete against it. Of course there’s Globe LTE but I don’t want my usage capped. Just remember that speed and reliability varies from area to area. I would suggest scouting your neighborhood for existing PLDT subs and check their experience. If they’re fine then I would say give it a try! 3mbps is not bad for 1k/mo.

      And oh, I was also a Destiny sub before. It was well worth it after the switch to PLDT, the cable signal on my place fluctuate all the time so I have to switch to DSL.

  15. berny

    I’ve had my pldt mydls since 2006 (bundled P1690). my dsl goes up to 3mbps (for a few minutes each day) with 0 ping. whats with that zero ping? another thing, since april this year I have called pldt customer service to complain about intermittent/ very slow (as in 0.01mbps) connection. they’ve replaced my modem 2 times now. guess what…. still the same complaints, only this time I can’t access several sites like facebook. nice service huh…. (sic)

    • Vince

      0ms ping is normal on fiber connections. It simply means latency is < 1ms(ex: 0.7ms), which is typical on fiber. If you are not on fiber and experience this occasionally, then I guess this is a speedtest glitch. Unless you measure 0ms consistently I won't trust that reading. Re: selective browsing problem, have you tried using a different DNS server? I will try to isolate the issue by bypassing router, using a different PC, testing on wired connection etc, before calling PLDT.

  16. Angel

    Hi po ๐Ÿ™‚
    May promo po kc ngaun ang pldt. So gusto ko mag pa upgrade kc plan 990 kami e. XD
    Tapos i see sa page nila na maraming nagrereklamo tungkol sa internet connections nila.
    E kc mabagal ung internet namin kaya papa upgrade kami kc 50kbps lng speed namin kahit saan mag dl. E kahit mabagal ok naman siya ๐Ÿ™‚
    Natatakot kc ako magpa upgrade kc baka masira na ung connection namin :'( .
    Safe po ba? XD natatakot kc ako. kc 300 din madadagdag :'(
    Should i upgrade or not?
    Thanks ^_^

    • Vince

      It’s a risk you have to take. ๐Ÿ™‚ pero in my case when I first used PLDT, I started at plan 999, and monitored the connection for several months before upgrading. OK naman, no change in reliability, just got the advertised speed. But your mileage will vary.

      • Angel

        Ok po salamat ^_^
        Sana maging maayos.
        Kasi marami po nag rereklamo e. Wala daw sila internet 3 weeks. So kinabahan ako xD

        -pero ever since indi kau nag ka problem? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Vince

          I don’t think anyone in the Philippines will have trouble free Internet because of the infrastructure. Anyway, I’m with PLDT for several years and I guess I have to call them for line trouble for at least once a year. This is not bad for me kasi ok naman ang tech sa area ko. Sa anong plan ka upgrade?

          • Angel

            Plan 1299 po ๐Ÿ™‚
            Nagka problem kc samin dati e. Nawawala din ung internet halos 2 months kami walang net nun. Ung nawawala ung color yellow sa dsl category.
            Pero ngaun ok na.
            Mabagal kc net namin kaya papa upgrade kami ^_^
            Sana walang problem kc d2 lng naman kami sa Paraรฑaque e. Lapit lng sa makati ^_^

          • Vince

            2 months!? Did they tell you why? We’re the cables stolen? By the time you called to report, how long did it took them to send tech? Dito kse sa area ko within 24-48 hours may dumadating.

          • Angel

            Ilan beses na po kami tumatawag sa Pldt pero. Wait lng daw ng 24 hrs and wag patayin ung dsl. Tapos minsan nagkakaroon pero mga 15 mins lng per day. Pero ung 1 week straight wala kaming net. Nagalit na kmi so nagpadala sila ng agent 2 days after tapos unang agent na pumunta tapos sabi nia sa line daw ung problem pupunta daw siya ulit nxt 2 days. Tapos ung sumunod ibang agent na tapos pinalitan nia ung line sa telephone & dsl kc luma na daw & pinalitan nia ung modem ^_^. Tapos un ok na ๐Ÿ™‚
            Pero sana ngaung magpapakabit kami ulit sana maging ok ^_^
            Kc nsayang un 2 months namin dati e.
            1,800 din un. T_T

          • Angel

            Nag check ako sa speedtest xD
            Sabi sa ads nila 1mbps daw ung 990
            Pero sa speedtest 0.45 bits ung down speed xD
            Daya indi kami kasali sa upgrade nung mga old subscribers xD
            Napapanahon na tlga na mag pa upgrade kami xD

          • Vince

            PLDT offered 1Mbps to bundled Plan 990 months back. Now its back to 512Kbps and 1Mbps to Plan 1299. Sayang.
            If I were you and can afford it, I will upgrade to Plan 999(+670 for phone) so you get 3Mbps. You wont get noticeable improvement from 512Kbps to 1Mbps.
            Or just wait for the next promo.

  17. Angel

    Plan 1299 po ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nagka problem kc samin dati e. Nawawala din ung internet halos 2 months kami walang net nun. Ung nawawala ung color yellow sa dsl category.
    Pero ngaun ok na.
    Mabagal kc net namin kaya papa upgrade kami ^_^
    Sana walang problem kc d2 lng naman kami sa Paraรฑaque e. Lapit lng sa makati ^_^

    • Vince

      Unfortunately this happens and my general recommendation is to switch provider that is : after isolating that it’s caused by something you can’t fix yourself and they’re not being fixed for a looong time. You can’t really do anything if the problem is on the ISP side and they’re not doing something about it. I’d rather switch than wait.

  18. romz

    bigla lang nabago internet connection…nawala nang 3 oras pagbalik sira na…katatapos lang namin mag bayad…kayo rin gumagawa nang sira….may primo nan naman cguro kayo ipapataw …naloko na….

  19. clint

    I just need help to determine which planned I subscribed.

    Originally I applied for plan 999 – bundled (phone and dsl). That was 1.5 years ago.
    I remember I’m just paying 1600 plus including bundled phone and taxes.

    I didnt noticed that I’m paying now 1825 monthly.
    I have not inquired yet the increased on my bills. I didn’t request any upgrade on my speed but for the last 1 year 1 experienced that my speed is at 1.5mbps.
    Have anyone experience the same scenario?

    • Vince

      Mag continuous ping ka sir, marami bang timeouts? Pag intermittent medyo mahirap yan, maganda kse narereproduce mo yung problem para pagdating ng tech madali iverify.

  20. Tantan

    Hello, matanong ko lang po. Ang speed profile ng modem ko ngayon eh nasa 3612 kbps / 924 kbps kaso hindi man lang kumakagat ng 2mbps yung speed ko ngayon. N-experience ko na actually yung free upgrade months ago pero biglang bumagal the past two weeks. plan 1299 lang yung dito sa bahay pero the past months 3mbps talaga usually. Tumawag na ako sa support at nakapagpadala na ng technician kaso wala paring nangyari, ang sabi lang sakin ng tech eh baka congested daw ang speedtest pero wala eh. Ano kaya sa tingin niyo ang problem? Salamat po.

    • Vince

      Ano modem mo sir? If you have a separate modem and router, bypass the router and connect the speedtest PC to the modem.
      What’s your modem Signal to Noise ratio(SNR)?

      • Tantan

        naka-linksys ako pero kahit diretso ako sa modem(zxyel p660r-d1) ganun parin.
        SNR eh sumasayaw between 11-3db upstream 31db yung downstream.

        • Vince

          Medyo mababa yung upstream mo pero downstream looks good. We may have the same problem. Prior to the upgrade I was also using the same modem. There was a time that it could sustain up to 6Mbps then it went kaput. I had modem syncing issues, and sometimes when it sync it could only do around 50% of the max speed of my plan. So I called and the line was checked and eventually we came to replace the modem and surprisingly it worked. Connection is holding now for weeks. If you checked everything on your line I suggest having them replace the modem and see. The Prolink h5004N modem/wifi router is the one im using now. If I configure it as a bridge and use a separate router, speedtest is off by 1.5Mbps so I decided to keep it and will test again once I got myself a better router.

        • Vince

          By the way, from what i’ve observed I think upgrading the speed would result to lower SNR, thus the capability to support higher bandwidth and sometimes reliability is affected.

          • Tantan

            Ganoon po ba sir?Sige, I’ll try that. Nagbayad po ba kayo ng extra nung pinalitan nila sa Prolink h5004N modem/wifi router? Nung pumunta kasi dito yung contractor nila para magcheck ng line at lahat-lahat, sabi niya magbabayad pa raw ako ng 1200 para sa modem/wifi router kaya medyo na-turn off ako.haha Update nalang ako pag may development. Salamat sir Vince! ๐Ÿ™‚

            “By the way, from what iโ€™ve observed I think upgrading the speed would result to lower SNR, thus the capability to support higher bandwidth and sometimes reliability is affected.”
            -Parang ang ironic naman pag ganyan ang nangyayari? What causes it?

          • Vince

            Nope no charge for me. The zxyel is an old modem, I think it should be a free upgrade(verify mo na lang sa hotline) . Re: snr baka sa specific case ko lang na zxyel. Sabi nung tech sakin old modem na raw gamit ko pero ayaw ko kasi papalitan hangga’t hindi sure na mafifix. Pagkareplace sync agad eh tapos ok pa yung speedtest so pinapalitan ko na rin. Wala na raw silang zxyel p600 na pamalit so pag nasira yung modem ko yung prolink rin ipapalit nila.

  21. Tantan

    Sir Vince, may update ako. After 3 weeks siguro na pangungulit sa kanila, binigyan na nila ako ng sensible na answer. May problem daw sa main system sa Manila ngayon which is causing the speed problems. Mukhang walang magagawa yung PLDT dito samin but wait. oh well ๐Ÿ˜ hahaha pero at least matinong sagot na yan compared sa “sir, power cycle niyo lang”

    May bayad yung bagong router, 1.2k. Tsaka lang daw nila papalitan kung talagang sira na yung current na modem.

    • Jerome

      Sir ako rin, i’m from sampaloc manila, bagong lipat lang kame ng bahay dito at sa paglipat namin about 3 weeks ago sabay ng pagtransfer ng net+phone namin, nireport ko na hindi ko pa nakukuha ung 3mbps sa plan999, then nung naikabit na dito sa nilipatan namin, 2.3-2.5mbps lang sya, the next day naging 0.5-1.7mbps na lang, at nadidisconnect/nagpupula yung LED ng internet sa modem namin randomly, tinawag ko sa kanila then after 3 days dumating yung technician pero umokey na, naging 2.5-2.7mbps na sya every day for 2 weeks. Ngayon, as in ngayon mismo etong oras na to, naging 0.5-0.7mbps na lang net ko T_T

      • Vince

        Check Tantan’s response. There seems to be a problem sa Manila area that’s ongoing.
        I occasionally get spikey speedtest on weekends, and also the past few days, but its not persistent.

        • Jerome

          Yup sir, yung telephone line namin 5 days nang wala, buti nga yung internet super bagal lang, tapos pabalik balik din PLDT sa mga bahay sa paligid namin, tapos kapag nirereport/tinatawag sa kanila yung phone, yun at yun din ang reason, my technical problem daw, hopefully maayus na ang problem sa area namin and sana kasabay nun yung pagbalik ng speed ng internet ^_^

  22. kit

    This is really frustrating. Been using myDSL plan 1995 since 2004. Few months ago, our area got the boost from 3 Mbps to 5 Mbps download (actual rates even higher 5.4 – 5.5 Mbps through speedtest.net and speakeasy). Then 2 days ago I noticed some lag in an HD stream I was watching so I got to test the speed again, and yeop it went back to 3.3-3.5 Mbps. Called up 172, line testing was done, and they said I should be getting the 5 Mbps profile etc so after failing to adjust the bandwidth through remote testing, they sent a technician (who just left the moment I’m typing this). He called up PLDT’s products and services division and the person I got to talk on the phone told me that the speed boost was retracted because THE AREA COULD NOT HANDLE THE LOAD. What a load of bullshit. My bullshit alarm ringing loud, I told the person I’m speaking with that: “if that’s the case, why offer the damn promo to me in the first place, in direct email nonetheless?! Your website even states that it is already a permanent boost! And this is a residential area, so having to increase the bandwidth of several homes will not bring your system down. The very fact that the upgraded speed was ongoing for months already indicate the area could handle it, if your argument was true. Plan 999 gets 3 Mbps while I’m on 1995 and getting the same bandwidth, that’s basically PLDT asking me to pay twice the amount for the same speed.” So the person on the other end of the line couldn’t say a thing for about 5 seconds then told me she’s gonna forward the report/complaint to central office. Even the technician said, “sir kaya ng area niyo yung bandwidth na 5, kahit mas mataas pa. Kaso central system na yung nagdidictate nyan at wala kaming control doon. Hindi ko po alam kung kailan ibabalik yung boost.

    Tangina seryoso, panloloko sa consumer yang ginagawa ng PLDT.

      • kit

        I opened the modem/router settings page with the technician this afternoon and saw speed profile of 5999 downstream and 1099 upstream. Anyhoo, the modem/router model is SpeedSurf 504AN.

        • Vince

          Normally, you should get 80% from your sync rate when you have no signalling issues between the exchange and your modem. If your modem SNR and attenuation is normal then PLDT might be further limiting traffic on the edge exchange because of congestion. If there are no improvements, I would downgrade if that happened to me.

          • kit

            Or maybe I should shift to another provider instead? Sky broadband offers an “unlimited” 10 Mbps (not sure if they have bandwidth caps). 3999 with skycable dual def bronze packaged in. Not a bad deal, considering I nearly shell out 1k monthly for 2 televisions for cable, it would appear that I would be paying 3k only for a 10 megabit connection. Not too shabby. Though I’m not sure if sky broadband have good latency times/pings for gaming. Any thoughts?

          • Vince

            Sky has unlimited and capped plans. Make sure you get the unlimited plan when you are into heavy downloading. But 4k’s not bad if with cable subscription.
            From my personal experience, mas resilient ang DSL sa noise. I remember my Destiny Internet getting disconnected when there are thunderstorms, and then I switched to Globe, then finally PLDT.
            Avail of the free trial muna, as far as I know they offer still offer this. Good luck! try lang ng try, get the fastest and most reliable.

  23. Jonathan

    I am very disappointed..seems 1299 is back to 1mbps.. thinking of adding the 350 to get the 3mps..
    every 3 days sila nagkkulit para mag upgrade lol

    kahit sinabi ko na plit ako ng provider kasi wla pa un free upgrade

  24. Buzz

    Hi Vince, the speed profile on my modem is about 5mbps and that’s more or less what I get on speedtest. I received an email from PLDT two months ago that I was upgraded to 8mbps from 5 and that’s also what shows up on the CSR’s end when I call. Tech came over today and I heard him speak to the “system” (not sure what office it was) over speakerphone and the woman on the other end said that if she raised the speed higher then we would get disconnection issues. I called PLDT tech support again and relayed my modem profile. Would they still be able to do something about it? Both internal wiring and modem are new.

    • Vince

      Hi, are you at plan 3000? I would insist raising it to 8mbps if it’s not yet tested at your connection. Then if I do get disconnections, I’ll then ask to downgrade to plan 2000. Pero possible talaga na magkadc ka or modem sync issues.

  25. Johnny

    Hello. I have the bundled plan 1299 which is 1mbps. Pero yesterday lang napansin ko na biglang nag-increase yung download speed ko kase I usually download movies from torrents. from 100kB/s naging 200kB/s. Is this the free upgrade na sinasabi ng PLDT? permanent na ba to or panandalian lang dahil christmas? Nakakagulat lang kase hahaha anyway, sana permanent.

    • Vince

      There was a promo a while back for plan 1299 new subscribers with upgraded speed up to 2mbps. This was at the same time PLDT upgraded their DSL only plans. Existing plan subscribers also reported the upgrade. Then after some time, they reverted back 1299 new subscriptions to 1mbps. Your the first one who reported the upgrade here again so they’re probably have a new promo or speed upgrade for 2014. Congrats and enjoy your upgraded speed!

  26. raymund pineda

    so, nagupgrade kami ng plan 1299, then after a week, naging 250 kbps dl speed ko, then kahapon lang naging 70 kbps ๐Ÿ™ so back to 1Mbps na ba ang plan 1299? :((

  27. raymund pineda

    to all those pldt subscribers na bumagal ang net nila, try calling 172. bumalik na uli dating speed ng net namin

  28. Pong

    May question po ako about sa plan 990 ng PLDT. Medyo nalilito kasi ako since ‘yung photo sa itaas ng screenshot sa speedtest.net ay 9.49mbs, pero bakit ang download speed niya doon sa sumunod na picture (Centos 6.4_x86_x64) ay 1144 KBs lang?
    Nagtanong na rin kasi ako sa helpdesk ng PLDT, ang sabi ng mga reps na nakausap ko, since sa plan 990 ay 512kbps, dapat ang downloading speed ko ng files ay around 300+kbps daw. tama ba ang sinasabi nila or may confusion na nagaganap? Ang current download speed ko kasi sa mga files (music,videos,photos etc…) as of now kapag tinitignan ko sa browser ay 80kbps lang e. Pa-enlighten naman po sa mga pwedeng makapag explain?

    • Vince

      Hi Pong, you are mixing up 2 different speed metrics. PLDT plans are in Mbps(megabits per second, 1,000,000 bits per sec). Speedtest default results are also in Mbps. Now download speeds are usually reported in bytes per second(where 1 byte=8bits. In your case, 512kbps is 512,000bps which is 512,000/8 bytes per sec or 64,000bytes per second. Now 1Kilobyte is 1024bytes, so 64,0000/1024= 62.5Kbps. I think your Speedtest results are greater than 512kbps since 80kB per sec ang download mo. Post your speedtest results so we can verify. Thanks

  29. mae2

    ask ko lang po kung available pa po ngayon free upgrade nila na 2mbp?
    i’m 1299 bundled plan..ng matawagan ang mga yan..

    • Vince

      As far as I know they reverted the bundled plans upgrade. Yung mga DSL only plans lang ang meron upgraded speed. Paverify na lang sa 172

  30. Roi

    Ask ko lang yung hidden charges. Old PLDT subscriber na ko having plan 990. Nag pa upgrade ako to plan 1299. ask ko lang yung’ hidden charges except dun sa modem na free daw for 1,200php. hehe. Thanks. May vat din po ba ito?

  31. Janse

    Ganito na ba to na kapag mag apply ka sa PLDT matagal pa nila ma install yung internet kasi nag apply ako noong Dec.22, 2013 Hanggan ngayun wala parin eh Jan. 17 ,2014 po ngayun wala pa rin response mag wait daw hanggan ma Approvan kailan pa ba approvan? ang tagal kasi ganyan na ba yan na matagal FROM Cagayan De Oro, Pls i need answer.

  32. ozjon

    Wow! Very expensive for not very good speed!
    You are getting very bad internet value for your money in Cebu!
    I live in a Melbourne (Australia) suburb and for A$50/month (about 2200Pesos/month) I get ADSL with bundled telephone service. It is very reliable – maybe 1 short break per year?
    I just measured actual download speed of 17.88 Mbps with upload speed of 1.04Mbps.
    That is 3.5 times the promised speed and about 7 times the actual speed per Peso that you guys are required to pay!
    Something very wrong somewhere!

  33. ozjon

    Hi Vince,
    I am subscribed to My current internet plan is :-
    “Quarterly Easy Broadband 50 bundled with NodeLine (that is the phone)
    Price $89.85 per quarter, Monthly Quota 50 GB, Speed Extreme ADSL2+ speeds”
    I’m not a gamer and don’t download videos very often – I recently upgraded from a 10GB/mo plan. I currently use about 10GB/month.
    I think the plan throttles down to a much slower speed if you exceed the download limit?

  34. ozjon

    my message got the URL clipped!
    I am subscribed to……(Internode dot net dot au) ….. My current internet plan is :- ………….

  35. ozjon

    Are you living in Cebu?
    Being 79 yrs old (therefore, having insufficient remaining lifetime to spend it playing games – Lol!) I am, nevertheless curious – roughly how many GB per day (or per month) do gamers typically download?
    And what up and down speeds do they need for acceptable gaming performance?

    • Vince

      I’m in Manila. It depends on the game, but generally it’s not that much. Let say Diablo 3 only consume less than 30mb per hour. Server response times is more important in online gaming as far as I know. Happy retirement sir, I hope I reach your age. Lol

  36. prince

    I’m from zamboanga city. P1299 plan ko dati, pina-upgrade ko (additional bayad of P300.00) from 1.5 Mbps to 3.0 mbps so i’m paying P1,600.00 monthly. After the upgrade i’m getting 14 mbps instead of 3mbps…gusto ko nga i-paste ang speedtest ko pero di ko alam paano…paki tulong naman mr. admin… advice ko magpa-upgrade kayo…

  37. prince

    From the start, it was registering up to 3.5 mbps since the upgrade but found a way to make it 14.5 mbps… it is not luck but pure hardwork

  38. Kenshiki

    so, paano ko po malalaman kung pde ako mag upgrade from 1299 1Mbps to 1299 2Mbps?
    papa verify lng po ba sa 172?

    e2 kc na receive ko sa kanila kanina lng (Through FB Chat)

    Me: concern problem is the internet speed given to us which is only 1Mbps but advertised speed is 2Mbps (1299 Bundled Plan shown at your website : http://pldthome.com/surf/mydsl/about#dsl2_block3)

    since the only thing i know is that we upgraded our plan to the next one and that improve our speed from 90kbps (download speed limit) to 125kbps (1Mbps) now that the advertised speed changed (when i found some article about it, i checked your site to clarify it and its shown in 2Mbps for plan 1299)

    i would try to ask my mother again for the account number if its needed aside from our telephone number.

    PLDT Home DSLโ„ข Internet Plan – High Speed Internet Connection

    PLDT : Thank you for notifying us with your concern Sir Kristopher, however upon checking on you account the maximum speed for your Bundlle Plan 1299 is upto 1 mbps. The bundle plan 1299 with the speed is upto 2mbps is for new application or upgrade only.

    Thank you.

    Precious of PLDT Customer Care

    Me : so, we have to upgrade again? like, retake the 1299 bundled plan?
    about an hour ago

    PLDT : Hi Kristoper, its not that you need to retake bundle plan 1299 to be able to get the new speed, As of now, we are currently enhancing our network as part of our speed upgrade program for myDSL subscribers.

    Thank you for bearing with us.

    – Joel of PLDT Customer Care

    Me : so, what do i have to do to get to the new bundled plan of 1299? i just have to wait for the company to adjust every subscribers?
    4 minutes ago

    PLDT : Hi Sir Kristoper. We regret to inform you that speed of plan 1299 has remained 1mbps due to unforeseen technical glitches. The public will be advised accordingly if the speed will increase. Thank you. – Alona of PLDT Customer Care

    ang mga old subscriber po ba eh makakapag upgrade pa ba sa 2Mbps for bundled plan 1299? or nid pa mag pa putol at mag apply uli?

    confuse kc ako sa reasoning ng mga employee ng PLDT eh hilong hilo ako sa bandang huli nilang reply sakin

    • Vince

      Tanungin mo sila – so if I disconnect my subscription now and reapply I will get 2Mbps? Stupid right? Talk to a manager over the phone, mahirap pag chat and email.

      • Justin

        pre hangang ngayon na 2014 na walang pagbabago galing sa pldt sabi nila 2013 daw ma upgrade ang mga plans tsk3x na ingit ako sa south korea gagastos ng ilang bilyon para sa 5g technology para daw maka download ng movies in seconds,etc.

  39. prue

    hi, ngayn ko lang nalaman ang diff. between high speed and bundled plans..kakaupgrade ko plang from 1299 to 2099 with tell pad.. pwede ku pa pu bng i upgrade to high speed experience 999 w/ tellpad since may small store ako na may print services at may 5 na pc for reaserch ng mga studyante. kung pwede pu naman mas ok experience 999 or xcite1995 bka mag dagdag pa ko ng 2 pc sa june. pero hanggang 6 lng kasi masikip yung store. naka kasi din too much nman yung xcite 1995 sa 6 na pc. thanks po pls. rply asap…

      • prue

        Hi, so pwede pala mag change to bundled to highspeed, thanks. Try ko yung plan 2k, but if it’s too much diba hindi na sila nag ddowngrade and lastly po kelan po mag iistart yung speed upgrade, kailngan p bang tawagan sila once I receive my new modem. thanks so much appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Vince

          Yup. Bale you’ll lose the phone if you only want DSL. If you want to keep the phone, add ka po ng 700, so bale 2.7k. Pag tapos na yung lockout period mo pwede mag downgrade. If you change plan normally sa data center ng PLDT yung change so magspeedtest ka lang once in a while.

  40. Angelo

    Hi, I’m planning to apply for PLDT myDSL but we don’t have a landline yet. Gano po ba katagal ang proseso kapag ganun? thanks!

  41. Jessieka

    I’m on the bundled plan 990 and I used to have the slowest speed. Anticipated naman because of my plan. Pero it’s been a week since I noticed that I’m getting 15 ping, 7Mbps download speed, and 0.8Mbps upload speed. Anyone else experiencing the same increase in speed? I was actually considering having our line cut and switch to Globe DSL, but now with this speedtest results I’m getting, I’m kinda having second thoughts.

    • Vince

      I think so, i got 2 replacements already wala naman fees. But in my case they replaced it because I’m having issues. If you’re using the old ones(no wifi), it’s probably justified already(just tell them you want to have wifi)

  42. diane

    Totoo po bng my pldt fibr plan 1299? Sana hindi ito wireless? Totoo rin po b n my hidden charges eto n 1500 activation fee or hindi lng 1299 babayaran monthly kundi mas mataas pa.ng aaply p nman kmi ngayon ng plan s pldt fibr kung ganoon ang mgyayari mas malaki babayaran s 1299. Cancel ko n lng aplication nmin.tnx

    • Vince

      Yep, but its not on their website. I think this is an option for fiber enabled areas that need a cheaper plan(lowest fiber plan is 3.5k afaik)
      For the bill, i know they charge you 2 months in advance + activation fee. After the first bill, you should only get a 1.3k bill/month

  43. fupldt

    bull crap. 0.22 mbps at engot pa ng mga customer service. tagal pa bago sumagot tapos ticket lang bibigay. wala din. ang bagal ng internet for a month na. bull shit

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