Windows 8.1 and Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Sleep Issues

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I just installed the GM version of Windows 8.1 from my MSDN subscription on my 3 year old Lenovo T410 and decided to revert back to Windows 7(Yes, I skipped 8.0). The most pressing issue I encountered is that the laptop won’t wake up from sleep. When you close the laptop to put it in sleep mode, it won’t wake up after you open the screen. The laptop seems to initiate very few IO, then decide to just sit there idle(no screen display, no disk activity). You have to power cycle the laptop to get it working again.

This is a big flaw for me. I don’t shutdown my computer and basically just put it in sleep when I don’t use it. I am in front of my computer mostly throughout the day and it makes no sense shutting it down as it slows me down. I only reboot/shutdown when i’m on vacation or installing some patches.

I’ve tried everything from updating the BIOS to installing the latest power management driver from Lenovo. I will update this post when I find a solution to this issue. Stay tuned.

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