iPad Warranty Experience – Power Mac Center

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More than a month ago, my iPad 4’s screen started to show a 2 inch vertical band across its screen. The band actually intermittently appears, but most of the time it manifests itself after around 30 minutes of continuous use(I figure it might be heat induced). I thought it was because of the upgrade to IOS 7, so I immediately restored the iPad to default to no avail. I also reverted to IOS 6 without any improvement and the problem seems to worsen. The band seems to stick now and is very noticeable if you use a dark screensaver. So I thought, well this is not just a software issue, it’s a faulty screen.

I have an iPad 1, which is up to now(more than 3 years old now) works flawlessly without any protection and this iPad 4 on its Otterbox case is not more than a year old and have this screen issue. Anyway, fortunately, it’s still under warranty.

So I brought my iPad in their Greenhills service center. It’s in the the Northeast Square building along Connecticut St. It’s around 100-200m from the Greenhills Shopping Center.

The service center is kinda small but their staff are all accommodating and courteous. I was there before lunch and it probably took me less than 20 minutes to have the iPad processed for service. The white band did not appear at first, but luckily after playing some videos and changing the wallpaper, then rebooting, the tech said that its a hardware issue. They did not ask for a receipt, they just check the serial number. They will examine your iPad for scratches, dents etc, but since mine is fully covered and look like its fresh from the box, it didn’t took long and the tech processed the paper works.

Upon leaving, I was told that the replacement should be expected in 2-4 weeks, or even up to a month. I personally think this is too long for a company like Apple.

One thing I liked is that they periodically send updates via SMS. In my case, I received 4 SMS, the first one on the day I brought my iPad, the second one was when they said that the replacement was approved and then the 3rd and 4th one was when they said that it arrived and ready for pick up.






  • Power Mac’s service center is easily accessible. There are no long lines and the staff are all courteous. There’s a sales office right beside the service center if you want to purchase Mac products
  • Sends SMS notifications when there’s an update on your Apple product. When I checked their website, there’s a work on progress page where supposedly you can use to query your device status.


  • It took 32 days to replace my iPad. In fairness to Power Mac, when I followed up via phone 4 weeks after I brought in mine, they said that the replacement actually arrived October 8, which is roughly 10 days after they accepted the uni. The person on the phone told me that their shipment is stuck in customs for 2 weeks! When i picked up the replacement(they replaced the entire unit by the way), I asked them if they could extend the warranty since they ate 1/12th of the warranty period. They said no, and told me its “normal” to get the replacement in 1 month.
  • They don’t answer email inquiries for follow up(at least on my experience). Before I called I sent an email and when I didn’t receive any reply just called. Phone experience was not that bad though.
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  1. Francis

    Did you leave your iPad to them while waiting for the replacement to come? How’s your replacement unit? Is it flawless?

  2. Irene Barretto

    My iPad has no sound (except when I use earphones/headphones). Bought it in Power Mac MOA December of last year so it’s still covered by the warranty. I still have the box but can’t find the receipt. Good to know that I don’t need to have it to have the iPad fixed. But 32 days? That’s too long. Oh, customs!

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