Pobox vs Forex vs MyShoppingBox vs Johnny Air Cargo – A Review Series (Part 3)

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Gone are the days when you only rely on your US relatives trip back home to PH to bring you your designer clothes, newest shoes, electronics and other items. Here’s a review of delivery companies offering forwarding services from the US to the Philippines.

This is the third part of my review of shipping companies that offers delivery services for items purchased from US online merchants to the Philippines.

Company: Forexworld
Website: http://www.forexworld.us
Shipping Type: Sea Freight
Transit Time: 30-45  days

Published Rates for LA Warehouse
Shipping Charge
Green box (non commercial box)
24” x 18” x 24”
Blue box (regular box)
23” x 20” x 17”
Red Box (medium box)
23” x 16” x 17”
Bulilit box
18” x 16” x 9”
Any box smaller than the bulilit
These rates apply to Metro Manila deliveries only.  Deliveries to provinces are available for an extra charge, depending on its destination.


  • Offers different sized boxes, depending on how big your packages are, no weight restrictions. Quite cheap if you are ordering heavy items.
  • Accepts odd sized packages as well, gives you a quote on how much the cost is.
  • Free Item Consolidation, they remove the merchant’s boxes to save space! They can store your items for a maximum of 45 days
  • Online portal to manage your items, status of your box. Once you input your items online, allow 24-48hours and it will be updated automatically once they received it.
  • Delivered at your door at no extra fee.
  • If you plan to ship a TV, for a fee you can request to have it powered on once it arrives(to prevent dead on arrival units).
  • You can purchase additional insurance.


  • Slow, specially on busy season(Black Friday sale, Christmas – expect 6-8 weeks.
  • Manual system for payment(bank deposits), PayPal has extra charge
  • Recent news of pilferage by US Customs

Sample Tracking:

So Forex is the mother company of PoBox as far as I know. Their shipping address looks similar(could be adjacent buildings), so I would presume this is owned by the same family or so.

Anyway, to make this short Forex > Pobox. In all aspect of the customer experience, Forex delivered better than Pobox. Forex’s online portal is way better than Pobox in terms of feature and its updated almost in real time. I inputted my items immediately after ordering and the entries were updated the same day they received my parcel. The portal also sends email notifications.  Another thing is that their customer service in PH is quite good. They respond to email updates within 24 hours and when you call them up, there’s no long waiting time.

My box departed US Nov 22 and arrived in PH Dec 23, with all 32 items(~$1000 worth) accounted for(I paid less than Php 3500, with extra insurance). I can’t wait to order my next box, yes from Forex from this time on.


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  1. geisha


    Where is the MSB review as the title says?

    For via air shipping(how ironic LOL), what would you recommend is the cheapest and most reliable? I heard MSB charges a membership fee and I dont have BDO or Gcash,bummer.

    Is it okay to via sea shipping for 2 pcs. 80 USD watches?ty

    • Vince

      Sorry, no time to blog about MSB. Probably after I tried them again(I only tried them once).
      I think Forex don’t allow watches, not sure about PoBox. I shipped 3 Gshocks via JAC. I think I paid around 1600.

  2. Emi

    “My box departed US Nov 22 and arrived in PH Dec 23, with all 32 items(~$1000 worth)….”

    Did you purchase the items from different online stores? I would like to purchase items from 6pm (shoes) and ebay (plastic cam), was thinking if Forex would be a good alternative from pobox.

    • Vince

      Amazon primarily. I haven’t tried others.
      Not sure about eBay – as far as I know, they only send to your account’s address(i.e. no 3rd party/dropship address)

  3. Jackie

    whats the cheapest, safest (from custom inspection), reliable forwarder for commercial quantities? not thousand pcs but around 5 to 30pcs each kind of items (4 to10 kinds) in 1 large box.. items will be like, hair products, tshirts, novelty items, etc (bot bulky items) thanks!

    • Vince

      I don’t know of a single forwarder that can satisfy all your requirements. Forex is cheap, however you can’t ship in commercial quantities and occasionally custom inspected so some items may be lost(although i have not lost a single item from them). JAC is expensive, but i’ve not heard of any lost items there due to customs. I don’t think they mind shipping items in volume because they charge by the pound/volume weight. So the bigger and heavier the box, the better for them. I would suggest Forex, but ship in batches and do not exceed $500/box. Goodluck!

  4. Sam

    What’s this news about “Recent news of pilferage by US Customs” 🙁 That’s saddening. I’m still going with JohnnyAir though, they have a branch here in Davao so that’ll make picking up easier at least. I’d rather go myself to a physical location than wait for the delivery people to find my location (which is kinda hard considering I live in a boarding house).

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