PLDT Throttling/Limiting Bit Torrent Traffic?

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Update: As of 2pm January 7, 2014, bit-torrent speed is back to normal.

Update: As of September 18, 2014 or probably earlier, PLDT is throttling torrent traffic again. This is confirmed by various PLDT DSL customers in the comments section below. A bit of research showed a submarine cable break in the Asia-America Gateway(AAG) Cable System that happened September 15, 2014(This is the same submarine cable system that broke which caused the PLDT speed issue/BT throttling early this year). However, it was reported that the break was between Hongkong and Vietnam, so I’m not really sure if its reason. But in the past(like early this year), I noticed that PLDT is throttling traffic when submarine cable breaks. Unfortunately, fixing submarine cables takes weeks, sometimes even months to fix!

A few days back, I needed to download something using Bit Torrent and noticed very slow speed. What used to be 1 MB/second(8Mbps-9Mbps) of throughput, now down to less than 50Kb/second(0.4Mbps).  This started probably around December 23 and it’s been 4 days. Apparently, other netizens experience the same issue(tipidpc, pinoydsl, PH reddit etc). I’m on PLDT wired DSL service by the way.

What’s the reason this is happening? PLDT has not issued any statement about any policy changes. These are the possible reasons I can think of:

  1. There was a submarine cable break in Vietnam before Christmas. According to some, this undersea cable is also being used by PLDT. So speculations abound saying that PLDT has to cut down torrent traffic to compensate for the loss bandwidth to the US. IMHO, this is a valid excuse, since this is an accident, but if this was the reason why speeds are being throttled, why is PLDT not issuing any public advisories? There was an undersea cable break a couple of years back and ISPs affected reported the issue for everyone to know.
  2. PLDT might be testing their traffic shapers. These equipments does the throttling and advanced ones can detect how ever you disguise your torrent traffic(port change, encryption etc). If this is the reason, then I will probably find ISP alternatives soon.
  3. PLDT have internal network issues. Some says they called 172 and CS told them they have server issues that will be fixed by January 8. Not sure how accurate is this because only a handful of PLDT CS knows what they’re saying, specially on the technical side. 🙂

Please feel free to post your experience. I do hope this is not permanent.

Update: 01/05/2014

Ok, now I’m back home(Manila) and have just tested this PLDT issue this morning. Here are some additional info on my own PLDT connection. Some users report performance issues on browsing, regular downloads etc, but in my case it’s only bit torrent traffic that’s affected. See below.

  1. Speedtest results are unaffected. I’m still getting the maximum throughput offered for my plan.
  2. Regular downloads via http/https are unaffected.
  3. Streaming from YouTube is unaffected. I can watch streams at 1080p without any buffering.
  4. bit-torrent download traffic is extremely throttled down. bit-torrent upload traffic seems unaffected. Bit-torrent download bandwidth is significantly reduced(by 90-95%). I downloaded 2 heavily seeded torrent files and combined download average is around 60KB/s sometimes spiking to ~100KB/s.

Speedtest: (no problem)


Regular Downloads: (no problem)

2014-01-05 06.27.37 am

Bit-torrent: (heavily throttled download, upload is fine)

2014-01-05 06.59.06 am


Alright, so I tried changing my client’s listening port – no effect. Tried enabling encryption, didn’t help at all. So far, I’ve not found any working solution to bypass throttling. I haven’t tried VPN solutions or Torguard yet, but I’ll look into those in the next few days. If this persists, I guess the only solution would be to shift provider. We’ll see in the next few weeks how this progresses.

Possible Solutions: {Updated: 01/06/2013}

  1. Anonymous proxies anyone? – Noiskee posted that anonymous proxies work. If your torrent client supports proxies(http/https/socks), then you can search for open proxies online and set the proxy’s IP and port on your torrent client.Pick HTTPS/Socks proxies(do not use HTTP) for added security. Anyway, this is not a solution for me, as (1) most of anonymous proxy servers don’t last long(you are lucky if you can find one that lasts for a day).  (2) my torrent client is on my NAS and it will be a pain reconfiguring it manually every time a proxy dies down(i don’t have time to automate proxy IP changes, maybe later). Anyway, I posted it here if someone wants to try, but testing on uTorrent on my Windows box, it does NOT work on a few proxy IPs i’ve tried.
  2. Use VPN(Not free though): Will post testing speeds soon. I’m having my HMA account reactivated. This will certainly work, but you won’t get 100% of your torrent speed. VPN encrypts traffic and forwards it to a VPN endpoint abroad. The issue with this is that its not free. I’m using VPN to do my job so this might extend its use. 🙂
  3. SSH Tunneling, suggested by Rob Locke(requires access to a computer with un-throttled connection).  The idea is to tunnel your bit torrent traffic to a computer via SSH. This is a crude version of a VPN. If your office has unfiltered access to bit torrent traffic, this might be a solution, specially on the weekends. On weekdays however, you can just download from the office and bring them home when they’re done. But if you work from home and have access to a server in the office, then this is a viable option.
  4. Shift from torrent to file sharing sites(requires premium to get maximum speed). This is the reason why file sharing sites still exists(mega, 4shared, sendspace etc). But to get the most out of them, you need to get a premium subscription. jDownloader is a useful tool if you use these. You also need to look for alternate sites that hosts files on file sharing sites instead of torrent trackers.
  5. Seedbox(suggested by Rommel) – I am only a casual torrent downloader and this might apply to someone who downloads torrent most of the time. You basically rent a server instance from a service provider(US) and download/seed torrent on data center speeds. You then pull the download to your home connection. 
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  1. unknownymous

    Seems like bittorrent is the only one having speed issues. Direct downloads are not affected in any way. Kinda made me jealous of my brother who’s using his Globe Tattoo prepaid stick. He was getting around 1MB/s (8mbit) the other day so I decided to try it myself using my phone. Earlier this morning I bought 50php worth of load, subscribed to Globe’s one day unlimited data, turned the Wifi-AP on my phone and started surfing on my Ubuntu laptop. First things first, I went for some speedtest. After running a test on and browsing various sites, I could say that internet speeds were twice as fast. I was doing around 6-7mbps. Roughly the same as my brother’s. Everything was great until I ran my favorite bittorrent client. Guess what. It was the same speed as PLDT’s!! I then tried another torrent to download. This time I chose to download Ubuntu considering that it has a better ratio of seeds and leechers. Sadly, the speed results were still the same. I even tried it on Windows and my Android phone but no such luck. Did Globe do some throttling of their own or is it just me? Hope someone can confirm this.

    • Jayjay

      The same with me. Streaming is fine. Downloading bit torrent files however, I’m down to just 10% of my usual speed. I tried different downloaders (Vuze, tixati, utorrent), tried openning my listening ports, turned my firewall off, changing my PLDT wifi telpad to my old router, tried a very fast (6-7 mbps speedtest) Smartbro LTE, nothing works. I also tried changing my antivirus and got a new malware detector, tried cleaning up my registry (I’m desperate), nothing works. Oh well, streaming it is then…

  2. Nix

    yeah, my Steam download speed is fine. Torrenting is throttled on any device, PC or in the android app. Hopefully they’ll stop this in a day or two. 🙁

  3. Erich

    I experience the same thing. Only bit-torrent, so I’m pretty sure this is intentional, maybe time to look for another provider.

  4. Erich

    Talking to the hot-line, PLDT said that the have troubles with there server and that they hope to restore the service by January 8.

  5. raffy

    As of this morning 1-05-14, torrent downloads are still throttled on my PLDT DSL. What used to be 200 KB before Christmas is 10 to 30 KB. Using a different provider in the office, the same torrent download goes up to 400 KB.

  6. ches

    i notice when im downloading movies and games through torrent im getting 5-20 kb/s but when im downloading anime it goes up to 50-150 kb/s.

  7. Mark Henrhiz

    same problem here, (as of January 5, 2013). Arghh!!!!!! Hope this is only temporary!!! There are exciting movies I have been waiting for months, that are now available for downloads, and this throttling happened!! what a way to start the new year! 🙁

  8. Dio Singson

    Hi! I also experience the same thing since (i don’t know but im pretty sure everything’s alright before last week of december. Akala ko settings or whatnot lang about sa torrent kaya sumubok pa ako ng ibang client but no luck, wala talaga, hanggang 120kbps lang yung dating 360-370kbps. sana hindi permanenteng problema to.

  9. Dio Singson

    Hi! I am also facing the same thing since (i don’t know but im pretty sure everything’s alright before last week of december. Akala ko settings or whatnot lang about sa torrent kaya sumubok pa ako ng ibang client but no luck, wala talaga, hanggang 120kbps lang yung dating 360-370kbps. sana hindi permanenteng problema to.

  10. rommel

    Download: Java Version 7 Update 45 (filesize: 50.6 MB)

    iPhone 4 3G tethered: 15min
    PLDT DSL 10mbps / PhP4,800 monthly: almost an hour and the connection keeps dropping

    • Vince

      Only bit torrent is affected. You may want to have your line checked. That file should download in less than a minute at your dsl advertised speed.

      • rommel

        Thanks Vince. I’m paying premium rates. I pay higher rates than people in the EU and US and this is the shit service they provide? I should download at what speed I paid for. I use this connection for my business for fuck sake. This issue happened that same time everyone started complaining. Around Dec. 14-ish… I already have someone coming over between 6am-11am tomorrow morning.

  11. Dennis

    I also experienced this but on Dec. 31 its back to normal i downloaded a total of 9gb on that day but after that on New Years day till now my torrent download speed is spiking from 30kb/s to 270kb/s it took me 24hrs just to download 8gb T_T i hope they fix it as soon as possible

  12. Regina George yeah like he one from Mean Girls haha

    Same thing happens with me regarding the speedtest and torrent down speed difference.. I hope for everything to return to normal! I can browse the net easily, but my precious torrents…. T____T school’s gonna start again this Tuesday and I can’t watch some of my ongoing movie and series downloads T___T Guess I’ll have to wait for summer for my next free time. WHYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T__T I was planning to dl a lot of movies/series in my list this Christmas break T___T

  13. Hey

    First thing comes to mind is that they want to push their Netflix clone – PLDT Home. By subscribing you have access to streaming HD movies -etc. WIll have to change to Globe if this shit persists.

      • Phoebe

        not Globe.. had a really bad experience with them.. they have max 5gb per day afterwhich the speed will be decreased to 30% of your subscribed plan.. the speed wont even resume after 12mn.. its a real pain.. I do hope this thing with PLDT is just temporary..

  14. sheryl

    Mine started Dec 23. Surfing and streaming are fine but the torrent downloads became really slow. I used to hit at least 200kB/s before (TV series or movie dls) but since Dec 23rd, I’m lucky when I reach at least 30kB/s.

  15. Francisco Danilo Royeca

    I’m having the same issue, I have a maximum of 3MBPS, it’s normal on Speedtest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but when it comes on Torrent, 5/kbs even the seed is almost 200, I reported it a few days ago and Repair man check it out, it’s all normal but when it comes on torrent, it was so slow, and the repairman said, PLDT has block some torrent due to heavy use because it’s Holiday Season, but now, it’s January 7, still i’m stuck at 7% on torrent.

  16. Edrick

    Glad to have been able to bump on this site..

    I do had the same experience on this same exact issue. My Speedtest are good, surfing, live stream seems to be quite normal however i do observed that some applications such as torrent for an instance that uses high port range seems to have been Throttled down.. Had some application that works around 5 digit ports that has been downloading very slow since Christmas.

    In the meantime, I’m not sure if this will work with you but you can try to use Vuze as torrent application and do some minor settings on it

    Vuze >> Tools >> Option >> Select Mode >> Choose “Advance”; then go to:
    Connection >> Select Transport Encyption >> Check the “Required encrypted transport RC4”; now go to
    Transfer >> Check the “Use Lazy bitfield (helps seeding on networks employing bitfield-based blocking)

    also modify the connection port found under connection, set something lower/typical “ports” on incoming port under tcp and udp.

    Hope this helps, and hopefully this issue from PLDT gets resolve as soon as possible…

    sad sad sad 🙁

    • Kyle

      This works for me. Was able to download after doing this procedure just had to make sure under ports you put something like port 80 or 8080 this works good.

    • Vince

      Let’s give PLDT a chance. 🙂 I’ll wait until the Vietnam submarine cable is finally fixed. It’s been 15 days since I experienced this throttling. Normally submarine cable breaks takes a month or so to fix, so I’ll give them 2 more weeks.

  17. Pure

    One interesting tidbit is that earlier this week I got a call from PLDT asking if I had any connection problems. At the time I wasn’t sure yet if the slowdown was on the ISP side so I said that everything was OK. I asked why they called and they said that it was a routine line test. Looks to me now that they are gauging the customer reaction to the traffic shaping they’re implementing.

  18. rommel

    Just a follow up on my own issue. I was able to resolve most of it myself. The key was that I had to disable the PLDT modem firewall/DDOS feature. When I disabled it, my speedtest speed literally jumped from null to 10Mbps. I replicated by enabling the firewall/DDOS feature and speedtest would not even complete.

    For kicks, I fired up the torrent client on my Synology NAS and added a 300mb magnet with 3500 seeds. I used to be able to download at 1Mbps and now it’s at 550KB/s average. Since I do not rely on torrents, I have no issue with the current bt bandwidth but I will complain to PLDT about it. Not all netizens use torrents for illegal gains.

    A suggestion to whomever insists on using bt. Forget about proxies, tunnels, and witch magic. If you purchase a VPS seedbox at almost the same price, it would even be faster and download from your seedbox to local is only limited on your “get” bandwidth cap.

    • Vince

      Hmmm.. Rommel are you in Manila? 550KB/s is not bad. Are you using the PLDT supplied modem/router? Will try disabling it when i get back home.

      • rommel

        Oh. and yes, I disabled the firewall/DDOS protection feature on the PLDT supplied router. I already have another router behind it and i’m using the firewall on the secondary router for protection.

    • Jillian Tan

      Hi Vince,

      At around 2 pm, I noticed a surge in my internet speed it went back to its normal 500-600 kb/s. For the past few days, I have been downloading at speeds of 10kb/s. I thought the problem has been resolved however, after an hour or so it has now dialled down again to 40kb/s. Are you still getting normal speeds until now? Thanks/

  19. rommel

    There’s a confirmed outage in east Manila. Includes parts of mandaluyong and maybe pasig. As usual no eta. Tethered to my iPhone for posting.

  20. Justin

    Still getting only 10 kb/s DL speed on torrents on a 3 MB/s connection PLDT DSL, anyone still experiencing the throttling? btw in the cavite area

  21. dennis

    yesterday is all good…. 375 kb/s download, but now its back again to 20kb/s… anyone experiencing this again????

  22. mark

    it’s kinda normal again. i think. i don’t know. is the submarine cable already fixed??? i’m moving to globe if this persists next week!

  23. raffy

    As of this morning, January 11, 2014, its back to normal here in Alabang. The torrent speed now ranges from 75kBps to 275 kBps. Not like during the holidays when it ranged from 5 kBps to 30 kBps.

  24. Christopher

    As of January 11, 2014. My first torrent download this early afternoon has 300kbps but my other download which is the same torrent (I deleted it and downloaded it again to ensure the seeders are fine) this 5pm has over 100kbps.

  25. J

    Earlier this afternoon I’ve reached 260+kB/s. The speed fluctuates, now I’m back to less than 50kB/s. This is starting to be annoying as f*ck. It’ll be fine if my bill will reflect the service that I’m getting, but it’s not.

  26. las pinas

    Jan 11 7pm, I’m experiencing the same problem like almost all of u guys, and today, the download speed fluctuates very much. It was back to normal speed earlier today (200-175kbps) but now, it’s back to 50-10kbps. Please update us if any news/solution comes. Thanks!

    • dasco2xxx

      Ako rin po, at sa cebu ang location ko ha, ug download ko sa torrent ay 10kb/s at ung usual download speed ko ay 500-600 kbps… tried to download different torrents with 700 seeders. and to no avail.

      • J

        Looks like we are all just having brief surges. Anybody else experiencing the same thing? Are there any news about this?

  27. DT

    I live in Davao City and I can confirm the same problem here. I pay for 8mbit and usually download in about 900kb/sec. Now I am LUCKY if I get 200kb/sec, usually it stays around 20kb/sec per torrent.

    But the most thing that annoys me is that all sites outside of the Philippines (or Asia?) is extremely unstable. Google, youtube etc is not working half of the time and needs several refreshes before it load. I don’t think PLDT would knowingly throttle Google traffic, so I still believe they have some problem with international traffic or they are throttling that traffic.

  28. Keane Hubert A. Ang

    I managed to circumvent the throttling buy using a VPN service but starting today. I only get 104kbps max utorrent speed when using it.

    What did pldt do now?! I want the speed I paid for back!

  29. siomaiboi - Bacolod

    Hi guys, I was also having the same problem when downloading torrent files few weeks back and after reading the article I thought that the said cable repair may have been the cause of the problem and probably because it was the holidays and there was a lot of users that were online all the time. (bandwidth consumption, data traffic, etc.) But the thing is my regular downloads were just fine when my torrents aren’t, I was getting around 600kb/sec with the regular downloads and 100kb/sec max on torrents. I’m currently subscribed to 5mbps with 1995php MSF.

    Just this week my torrent downloads are somehow back to normal speed, having the same rate I was getting with regular downloads even though we’re still having some heavy rain during the day which started last Thursday. Everything was running smoothly for about 3 days, tonight though is different, shows I have 35ms ping with .26mbps download, there was no service enhancement or maintenance scheduled when I called up PLDT and to my surprise I am not the only one having the same problem, I was having the impression that it’s just the weather and/or my devices that’s been causing all of it but I’m quite sure now that it’s not.

    Like all of you, I’m still hoping everything will be fixed soon and actually be happy to use the service we paid for. Adjustments or reversals that they are trying to compensate for any “inconvenience” are not what we are after just a stable service or a way of letting their subscribers know of what’s going on exactly.

    Sorry for the long post. Here, have a potato. =)

  30. mark

    guys! what’s the update? is the submarine cable in Vietnam already fixed? How long must we wait!!! i need my torrents now!!

      • JMC

        Panong OK? Kasi sa akin 800 kB/s for about 3 minutes tapos magiging 600kB/s or lower. very intermittent and drastic yung taas and baba ng speed. Try mo observe for 5 to 10 mins. BTW Fairview QC ako.

        • Vince

          1.1MB/s throughout the entire duration of the download. Sa umpisa lang medyo mabagal pero after mga 5 minutes I’ll get the maximum and it will be sustained. Pasig area

      • mark

        mabuti pa sa inyo, bumalik na ang speed. e dito sa Santiago City, Isabela, Region 2. wala pa rin. ang bagal pa rin!! isang buwan ng ganito… di ko na matiis!

    • Keane Hubert A. Ang

      is pldt…..still fixing something…it seems when dling a torrent its not sa fast as it use to be. esepcially when loading seeders and leechesr

      • mark

        it’s already January 17, 2014 and the download speed on torrents are still slower than a turtle snail!!! My God, it’s been a month!!! Despite the thousands of seeders on a torrent, it still downloads sluggishly to infinity!!

    • mark

      But that’s in the Visayas, I’m from Luzon, in Northern Luzon to be exact

      Nakaka-frustrate na to. Maski rin ang pag-load ng mga websites, bumabagal na din.

    • Rodrigo

      Here in Brazil my utorrent downloads are very slow. I have 10mbit and should be downloading about 1 MB/s, but it reaches only 150 kb/s but normaly stays around 50 kb/s and never a singular download passes 100 kb/s. What the fuck is happening?

  31. John

    1/19/2014 and still nothing 🙁 speed just got worse from 230 kbps to 40 kbps and now 30-1 kbps 1!!!!! WTF!!!! srsly i need a refund

  32. ches

    las piñas area here downloading games through torrent still low 10 kb/s but downloading movies i get around 100 kb/s downloading anime i get 300+ kb/s tv series also 300+ kb/s.

  33. Byron

    yes same here just the torrents. It’s not firewall issue, not Anti-Virus issue, turned them both off and was still getting same slow download speed. Think Anonymous International should step in now, this is happening all over the country and right under our noses tsk tsk SMH ….

    Tried this last night and it speed up my download, but still not as fast as it used to be.

    This is the link for the Modem/Router I got from PLDT, Prolink H5004N.

    check under your under your Modem/Router if you got the same, if not just look for yours on the list they got there on first link provided.

    Just ignore their big utility ads and close it, it’s just confusing at first for non-techie guy like me but it gets easier as you go along.

    Good Luck!

  34. J

    They have time for a new commercial, but how about to this sh*t? This is not what we’re paying for. And yet we can’t do anything about it. We can complain, but what can that do?

  35. Anne Ang

    i’m having problems with my connection since sunday (Jan. 26, 2014). my PLDT fibr box keeps on restarting, meaning all the indicator lights ( PON,TEL1,WLAN) that are supposed to be always “on” are turning off an on, except the “power” indicator. Later on, the indicator lights in the box stabilized, so i tried on my laptop, phone, and tablet if i can connect to my Wifi, and then NOTHING! All my gadgets can’t seem to connect to my Wifi. I applied for PLDT Fibr just last monday (Jan 20, 2014), and the connection was great, i was able to download movies using bit torrents, download apps for my phone and tablet, but sunday came and the connection started to fluctuate. The “box” started to “restart” – doing On and then Off and then On over and over again. We called 171, and they sent a technical team to fix the problem yesterday (Jan. 27, 2014). they said that the problem was in the “box”, so they replaced it with a new one. the connection came back, but only for a few hours, it started to fluctuate again, and now i can’t get a stable connection even for my landline.
    Does anybody here have the same problems as I? Please help

      • Anne Ang

        okay, somebody from PLDT already came by and “fixed” the problem. they replaced something in the PLDT box on the Meralco post, and also replaced some wirings in the little white box inside the house. then for a moment we thought that it was “fixed”, but it wasn’t. they said they’ll come back tom to fix it (i really do hope they can find out what’s wrong and fix it already). the technician said i should observe the connection. here’s my observation so far:

        after they left, the connection kinda stabilized. so i connected my gadgets (phone and tab), but not the laptop where i do all my downloading. the connection on both phone and tablet was stable, i was able to check my twitter, facebook, instagram, even watched a trailer in youtube. that lasted for about an two hours. No glitches so far. Then, i decided to open my laptop to start downloading, thinking that the internet connection is already stable, coz it has been for the past two hours. So, i opened Utorrent, and continued the torrent that i was downloading. Then, just like clockwork, the moment it started downloading the internet connection started to fluctuate. I observed it for about 15 mins, i didn’t stop the DL on Utorrent. In that span of time, it turned on and off about 10 times, turning on and having connection for about 1 min and then turning off and restarting after 1 min and it continued to be like that for 15 mins. After that, i decided to stop Utorrent to see if the connection would be stable again. Ha! Lo and behold, the internet connection stabilized once more and it has been stable for 30 mins now – no glitches whatsoever.

        Now here’s my question:
        Do you guys think that this has something to do with downloading torrents? Mind you, I didn’t have this problem before. I have been able to download torrents since we switched to PLDT and it was actually a satisfying experience for me. This only started to happen recently.
        Uhm, if it helps, i also changed some settings in my Utorrent to make the download speed much faster. I dunno it that has affected it or what.
        Please help! Thanks! :)))

        • Vince

          BT download normally affects browsing performance, especially if you max your download and upload speed. That is usually resolved by QOS if your router supports it. It’s the first time I heard BT reboots the modem. First thing I can think of is you have your BT client configured to connect to more peers more than your modem can handle. Also you may have some settings on your modem like denial of service or firewall security settings that gets triggered when you download. If you can reproduce the problem 100% then try to make changes on your BT client and modem settings. Good luck and please post your results.

  36. Anne Ang

    hi again. i just uninstalled my BT client together with all its settings and downloaded a new one with the default settings. then performed a speed test and used the Azureus U/L Settings Calculator, wherein I just entered the upload speed of the speed test, then it automatically gives you the data you need to input on the preferences of your BT client. So far, my modem is still stabilized whilst downloading. no glitches yet. the download speed isn’t as high as the one with the old settings,but its tolerable. Though, it would be much appreciated if any can give advice on how to maximize the DL speed in Utorrent. 🙂

    Moral: Don’t change the settings of your BT client without testing first if its compatible with your connection. Not all settings that you find in the net that says it will make your download speed like a 100% faster, will be suited for the speed of your connection. It varies.

    Thanks for the advice! 🙂
    Gong Xi Fat Chai everyone! Yeehaa!

    • Vince

      Nice to hear that! I don’t have to change any uTorrent setting to max my speed. Case to case basis talaga as there are multiple factors that can affect the torrent speed. Anyway, at least you got it all sorted out. 🙂

  37. LoloKlaus

    I had this issue with Globe Postpaid and utorrent about a few days ago, but now – strange enough – every thing is fine again. I get download speed about 1to2mbs. Before it was more or less exactly always 10 kbs. My guess: They are just trying something and there’s something to come, I tell you.
    Chaging the ISP? No way! There’s no choice in this country. But many things would run better if more people would open their mouth (like here!).

  38. Nap

    Trust me.. Wag kayo mag upgrade to globe.. Cap limit is 1gb everyday.. Post paid ako 1299 na plan at may torrent throthling pa cla.. 15-20kvps.. Try ko na lahat.. Na bypass ko na throthling.. Tae may cap limit na 1gb.. Wala akong lusot..

  39. CRX

    Still receiving sh#tty speed from pldt. Any updates guys? now its not limited to my torrents but is affecting my jdownloader speed that I use as an alternative to downloading via torrent clients. This is getting worse

  40. Robert Corpuz

    Ive got a 5mbps plan and usually i hit 500 to 600kbs, now ive got nothing. Direct downloads are fine and still normal. And when i download movies from a torrent, its so slow. im so lucky if i hit 30kbs by now.

  41. NED

    Smart now seems to be a problem also.
    I have been using Vuze for years and getting speeds of about 60kbs.
    As of yesterday this has dropped to max 22kbs.
    Seems that all providers here in Phil are now capping.

  42. Tony

    I had exactly the same issue, since about December. For me, (myDSL in Metro Manila) it hasn’t gotten better, though. So around middle of February I subscribed to a premium VPN provider, for $10 a month, and started tunneling *everything* through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so PLDT couldn’t see what the traffic was, hence couldn’t shape it.
    This worked really well, and all my torrents ran at the maximum speed of my connection, UNTIL TWO DAYS AGO. Now, PLDT has shaped ALL of my encrypted traffic to 30kbps! They’ve decided that because they can’t see what it is, they’re just going to arbitrarily limit EVERYTHING!
    Totally rude and arrogant on their part.
    I have the personal contact details (ie, cell phone numbers, direct email addresses) of PLDT execs, and will be posting them here if I don’t get my connection restored to a ‘proper’ open connection again.

  43. piichan

    have pldt 3Mbps and globe 7Mbps. Both are slow. I guess it’s safe to assume that they are capping p2p bandwidth.

  44. puto

    My internet is the PLDT landline plus, 999 a month for 512 kbits/s and comes with a landline phone.

    I noticed something pretty interesting. I can browse normally all throughout the day, EXCEPT when my torrents are active. It seems that once my BT client is active, it isn’t restricted to slow torrents, but web browsing as well. Torrent speeds are at 5kb/s, which makes it strange for net browsing to slow down as well. However, once I pause my torrents/exit BT client, browsing resumes to its normal capacity. I’ve concluded that PLDT throttles not only P2P connections, but overall internet speed once torrents are found active.

    Also, another interesting thing is that my torrent speed went up to 100kbytes/s (expected from a 512 kilobit subscription) from 10pm until 10am (rough estimate), after that, they return to astounding speeds of 5 kb/s. This trend has repeated every time. With this, I conlcude PLDT turns a blind eye to torrents within a given time of the day.

    Hope that helped.

  45. JC

    I also have been experiencing the same issues whereby a speedtest shows maximum performance yet BitTorrents downloads are atrociously slow while YouTube and other streaming videos such as CNN News, Colbert Report, The daily Show, etc. seem unaffected and running normally. The filtering and throttling back game PLDT is playing will be costing it clients. Personally, I’m sick and tired of their attitude and poor customer service. It’s time to find another ISP

  46. matthew

    i didn’t know where else to ask so google pointed me here.

    i have a PLDT 1299 plan with up to 1mbps download speed. what’s interesting is that a few weeks ago, i’ve been noticing a huge increase in performance. on my android mobile phone over wifi, it ranges from 10-12 mbps down and 19-22mbps up. on my laptop over wifi i get this range more or less:

    are these test results accurate? what might have happened? i think they kinda are because i downloaded an app on google play store at about 50 mb in size and it took more or less 10 seconds, but i wanted a second opinion.

    things to note: though the speed seems to have been amped up, the response time in my browsing experience seems to have slowed down even if ping is 0-20ms consistently. also, even though we are subscribed to 1299, we have been upgraded to Fibr with the same package. after the upgrade, i have been getting consistent 0 ping and 1-1.2 mbps down. i fear that when i call PLDT to report this, they will correct my speed, and for any torrent freak, we wouldn’t want that.

    thanks in addvance for any input you can provide.

  47. Maxine

    Hi Vince,

    I’m not quite a techie here but I actually make use of Megashare, Putlocker and Watch32. Its been working fine since January although I realized that it was getting slower buffering during February. But for the entire week, Megashare, Putlocker and Watch32 were not responding. In fact, every time that I tried to play the movie, a sign indicating Video not found keeps on popping. I have installed newer Adobe Flash players. Uninstall and install my chrome and Mozilla but still no avail. Is this connected with the problems they have with the broken underwater cables or is this some kind of filtering system designed for us PLDT current subscribers to get their FIBR service. Hope you can answer this extremely disappointing service. 🙁

  48. clark

    i noticed that every 8am or 8:30am the throttle download become stay to 5kbs to 11kbs well infact, i reach 240kbps early morning….

    • Vincent

      I also experience the same problem. I get my normal speed (250kb/s – 400kb/s) during non-peak hours or 12midnight to 5am then it goes back to the shitty speed of 0.5kb/s to 20kb/s. Something isn’t right maybe they are really throttling our internet on torrents. Its frustating because I there is no problem in direct DL.

  49. Rage

    clark – from 600kbps down to 5kb per sec. searched the internet because of that and left a message here to let you know that you are not alone haha

  50. Vince

    Thanks guys. Sorry I was too busy to update this article. I noticed the throttling more than a week ago. To confirm i downloaded the same torrent in the office and I’m done with the download in no time. At home it’s stuck at 30-40Kbps.

  51. Mark

    Hi, yes the torrent download speed is so slow during day and night time. But i noticed that when the clock hit 12:01 am the speed starts returning to normal. i have a 5.5mbps connection. started happening a week ago or so, then i just made this discovery 3 days ago.

    • Marc

      Tama ka, as the clock hits 12:01am, speed starts to return normally. So alam na gagawin kapag gusto magdownnload thru torrent 😉

  52. Marc

    Grabe! Hanggang 50 kB/s lang ang maximum DL speed ko after PLDT fixed our broken line. Anyare? Dati naman hanggang 350 kB/s nare-reach ko, tapos ngayon 50 nalang. Shit

  53. Andy

    Im also experiencing very slow torrent downloading speed. This happened a week from now. Im always stucked at 0.5 to 20 – 30 kbps. Wala tuloy akong mga bagong movies. Novaliches, Quezon City area. Downloading 1 single movie takes a lifetime. -_-“

  54. Andy

    Guys, i just want to share na normal na ulit yung download speed ko ng torrent. 200 – 300kbps na ulit siya. I’m so happy, hahahahahahahha. Rak na itu. Nova, QC area. 😀 <3 :3

  55. Mari

    I’m still experiencing this issue… I downloaded another bittorrent client and problem is still the same, so it’s apparently not the client causing the issue. Hope this gets resolved soon!!! I’m at 9KB/s.

  56. Chad

    Sobrang bagal parin ng torrent. naglalaro lang between 10-20 kbps. 2 weeks na to. may times na umaabot siya ng 200+ kbps, pero eventually babalik siya sa 10-20 kbps, buong araw na yon. Sana naman maayos na yang mga submarine cables na yan kung yan man ang dahilan ng mabagal na torrent downloads. T.T

  57. LOU

    ganun din nangyayari sa akin ngayon, pag dating ng 8:00 am bagsak lahat ng speed ng torrent tapos pag dating ng hating gabi bumabagsak siya, last week pa siya nag simula 🙁

  58. Mari

    It says here that PLDT users should not be affected. Yeah right PLDT. Should I call and report this already? Or switch to another provider?

    In a statement, PLDT spokesman Ramon Isberto said PLDT users should not be affected by the cable break. “There is indeed a cable break in AAG (near HK) but we (PLDT) are not affected since we have no live traffic traversing this path (whether internet, voice or data traffic),” he noted. (via Rappler)

  59. rrg

    People, huwag na tayo magpakatanga at maniwala sa kagagaguhan ng pldt. Kung sira, sira buong araw yan. Walang pipiliing oras. Eh kaso torrernts lang ang bumabagal na dati hindi naman ganun. P*****ina mga yan, i do hope Someone or something will put an end to this deceptive company feeding on people’s “wala naman tayong magagawa” attitude. And… They are giving free internet time to their prepaid mobile users until nov. T***ina, kung tayo nga nagbabayad ng buo monthly nakakatanggap ng b***sh*t service yung free pa kaya. Fu***ng business PIGS!!!!

  60. kamille_bidan

    Posting here to check if you guys are still having the 50kbps torrent issues. I am on a Smartbro Pocket LTE Wifi. And this issue is still stuck on my machine. Meron na bang may mga naka-fix sa issue na ito? Thanks for letting me post!

  61. Simon

    Hey guys, i have a pldt 3500 plan, and reguar speed for bit torrent is arround 20 Kbps. but once i use my VPN trough a canadian server i reach speeds of up to 700 kB/s. so i can really recommend using a VPN solution for this issue, there are very cheap offer sout there, and for me this was the easiest workarround. I assume, that PLDT is not only Throttling their speed to save bandwith for all their users, but also maybe they will just stick to it, as they see how comfortable it is not to have to invest into infrastructure very soon since P2P Torrenting is taking up most of the bandwith for ISP’s. Of course they would never admit that but then again, why would a big company like pldt spend too much on us stupid customers?

  62. Patrick

    i have a smart postpaid plan, with unlimited LTE, before i was experiencing 1mb upto 3mb DL sa torrent, and now im stuck sa 50kbps. hopefully bumalik na ang dating speed sa torrent.

  63. Gibi

    Using LTE iPhone for internet, my down and up are fast, but my torrent speed is locked at 50kbps for several weeks now.:( Dati nakaka 2MBPS ako. Sa Fibr line ng chapati ko sa cubao, plan 1299 daw, necktie ko torrent nila 130kbps naman.

  64. Pissed User

    Can’t download using torrent. My Steam game not connecting or if it connects it disconnects frequently.
    Common PLDT, it’s not like this you fight piracy, P2P is not just used on torrent piracy it’s use by other applications so bloking it will not help.
    Let the right authority fight piracy and leave the P2P ports alone for your users use.

  65. Cris

    Smart Postpaid LTE Plan 2000 bandwidth throttling to 50 to 60 kbps! 1 month ko na cgru na eexperience to. Kung naalala nyo mga nka smart postpaid plan nag start ung issue cgru 1 month ago na buong araw d ka makadownload ng torrent as in 0 ung DL speed. May katrabaho ako nka postpaid din same ung naexperience namin mula noon hanggang ngaun!

  66. Keroninja

    Since early October pa ako nagakaka problem with pldtMyDSL. Right now, nakaka download lang ako ng torrent every 12 midnight until ~8am dito sa Cagayan de oro. May time pa na tuwing umaga, disconnected pa….haaay poor service….wala naman ako ibang ISP na pwedeng lipatan.

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