PLDT DSL Game Lag – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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Update: PLDT reported a fiber optic cable break on one of their main Internet routes. This forced them to route traffic to other carriers. ETA is by mid April.

It’s been more that a year since I last played Diablo 3. There were no issues then, it simple worked, no lag or any issues whatsoever. That was prior to the speed upgrade PLDT implemented last year. I was at plan 3000, which was 5Mbps then.

When the Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls was released, I played Diablo again and lo and behold, the latency is not that great anymore. Occasionally, it will be fine(around 100-200ms), but often time it is in the 600-1000ms range. I’m still at plan 3000, but speed now ranges from 8-9Mbps.

Anyone having this issue? I’m in the US server by the way.

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  1. paolo

    same here.. just bought RoS last Mr 29, ’14.. my latency is ~800 – 1500ms using a plan 3000 (8-10mbps speed based on

  2. ivan

    same here..i tried playing at dawn PH time, everything runs smooth..but try playing at 6pm onwards, best of luck with that..tsk3x, what a waste of money buying both the original game and RoS..

  3. hello

    pldt sucks. here at my mother’s hose in lpc, we’re at the 8-10mbps plan. i am being practically kicked out in every game and was almost tagged as a pk in hardcore for when i dc’ed upon porting in a rift boss fight.

    at my place i have the same speed using sky.. i only have latencies on peak hours which is acceptable. but never was i disconnected for 5 consecutive times in a row. if they’re saying the’re fixing it by april, it’s already may and i am pingin at 500+ms. i rarely get this ping on sky.

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