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PLDT DSL Game Lag – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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Update: PLDT reported a fiber optic cable break on one of their main Internet routes. This forced them to route traffic to other carriers. ETA is by mid April.

It’s been more that a year since I last played Diablo 3. There were no issues then, it simple worked, no lag or any issues whatsoever. That was prior to the speed upgrade PLDT implemented last year. I was at plan 3000, which was 5Mbps then.

When the Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls was released, I played Diablo again and lo and behold, the latency is not that great anymore. Occasionally, it will be fine(around 100-200ms), but often time it is in the 600-1000ms range. I’m still at plan 3000, but speed now ranges from 8-9Mbps.

Anyone having this issue? I’m in the US server by the way.

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Fix: Logitech G930 Power Button Issues

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Logitech G930 is one of the best wireless gaming headset available in the market now. I got the chance to purchase mine when it was on sale on Amazon almost a year ago.

I’ve got nothing but praise for this wireless headset. My only gripe is  its power LED. As a wireless headset, this one has a power button which has a few seconds delay turning on the power LED after you initially pressed it. This is very annoying as you don’t know if you pressed the button right so the usual reaction is to press the button again, which therefore turns the unit off!

Luckily the headphone has a mic light. This light is on(red) when the mic is mute – so it automatically lights up when you recess the mic boom up to mute the headphone(so its like a power LED in this case). I use this light to know if the headphone is turned on correctly since it does not have a delay unlike the power button. Take note that you have to disconnect the headset from the USB charger. Reason is, when the headset is connected via USB the mic light is always on even if the headset if turned off.

So if you have this headset and have issues turning it on. Don’t worry, its just the power LED. Just monitor the mic light instead so you don’t have to wear your power button by constantly pushing it.

TLDR: Instead of using the headset’s power button to check if its turned on, use the mic LED instead. The LED turns on instantly compared to the power button that has some delays.



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Wii U to launch on Nov. 18 in the US

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The much anticipated sequel to the best selling 7th generation console will be available in the US on November 18. Surprisingly, Japan will get it a few weeks later on December 18. The Wii U will be available in 2 versions:

  • Basic Version with 8GB storage. Estimated 26,250 Yen, ~$335
  • Premium Version with 32GB storage, +Loyalty Program. Estimated 31,500 Yen, ~ $402
Available games at launch are New Super Mario Bros. U(~$76) and Nintendo Land(~$63) will launch on release day.

Both editions will have 1GB main memory. Notable specifications are:

  • Nintendo claims its 20x more powerful than the original Wii
  • Supports 1080p resolution
  • HDMI
  • Existing accessories will work with the Wii U
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Path of Exile Public Stress Test Weekend

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After three successful Public Stress Test Weekends earlier this year, The Path of Exile Beta servers will be once again open to the public for the weekend of September 14-16. The servers will be opened starting at Friday, 9/14/2012 5:00PM PDT up to Sunday, 9/16/2012 11:59PM.

Those of you who are bored of playing D3, this is a chance to discover a similar looking game with a mind boggling skill/passive trees. Top it up with awesome graphics, I think i’ll continue playing even after the weekend’s over.

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Console Sales for the Last 35 Years

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Everything in life is all about making decisions. This is specially true even in console gaming. Throughout the years, we’ve been making decisions on which console and games to buy as not everyone has the luxury to buy more than multiple consoles and its corresponding games.

The graph below shows the console sales for the last 3.5 decades.  Playstation 2 was a huge success – eating away its competitors during its time and even outsold previous generations of consoles combined sales. Pretty awesome. I think Sony made 2 key decisions that made PS2 a success – (1) the built-in DVD and (2) cheap games, which made the console affordable even to low income families.

The 7th generation of consoles gave gamers more options therefore sales was distributed among 3 major players. Nintendo’s Wii had the most sales mainly because of the its motion controllers. Although the console could not display HD graphics, the fun of playing Wii with your family and friends is a huge differentiator. So you see, it’s not just all about hardware specs and stunning graphics. I hope Nintendo continue to innovate as we move on to the 8th generation of consoles.

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